How to Perform a SWOT Analysis for Your Online Business Idea

If you have an online business idea, chances are that you want to protect that idea. You will also want to do anything and everything you can in order to make that business strive and thrive.

Using a SWOT analysis for your online business idea is a great way to assess your business idea. First, however, let us examine what a SWOT analysis is. Put simply, it involves assessing these factors:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

A SWOT analysis is valuable in evaluating a product, service, new business endeavor or even an employee.


By evaluating your company’s strengths, you do yourself a great service. By looking through a microscope into what is working, you can enhance that performance and its progress and multiply it.

By mimicking a proven formula that already works, you increase your success two-fold. You can also pinpoint specific areas of success and magnify them innovatively in order to grow those strengths.


The whole point in evaluating weaknesses for your online business idea is to eliminate or at the very least minimize them. Weaknesses are in every aspect of business and if unaddressed, those weaknesses can fester and grow. Eliminating or minimizing those weaknesses will keep them from detracting from your success in an online venture.

There are two major categories of measurement – internal factors, which are within the organization, and external factors, which are outside the organization – with strength and weakness belonging to internal factors.


Evaluating opportunities is useful in seeking knowledge on how those opportunities are useful to gain momentum for your online business endeavors. Taking advantage of any existing opportunities and expanding them to greater heights will provide more success for your business idea.


Evaluating threats in the environment is crucial to the success of your online business idea.

Opportunities and threats belong to the external factors category. If you are on the lookout for threats, warding them off before they occur is key to maintaining optimal success as a line of defense for your project or business.

Evaluate your online business idea for its strengths by highlighting the areas that receive the most positive response. If you have done a market test on a product or service or have a website with a comments section, check to see where the positive highlights are for your online idea.

Evaluate your online business idea for its weaknesses by answering a negative comment on a website, asking for the opinions of others, and checking the competitions’ websites.

Seek out new and innovative opportunities based on existing ideas that you can expand. Search out opportunities within other businesses to grow and expand your own.

Be wary and aware of external elements that could potentially damage or ruin your business or service.

By utilizing a SWOT analysis, you protect and enhance your online business idea.

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